A combined 275 years of transport experience celebrated

A combined 275 years of transport experience celebrated

Van den Bosch Transporten celebrates 275 years of combined transport experience of twelve of its colleagues at its annual jubilee evening.

On Friday evening, November 23, the company’s anniversaries were honoured at the Van den Bosch Experience in Erp. In addition to the 12.5-year, 25-year and 40-year anniversaries, it also considered the well deserved retirement that five colleagues achieved.

“What a lot of transport experience is gathered here”, CEO Rico Daandels said to those present. “Including a very special anniversary, because it is only the fifth time in our company history that we are celebrating a 40-year contract. With this evening we thank our colleagues for their years of dedication.”

After dinner the so-called ‘Chairman of the Union of Jubilees’ had a playful word for the 12 honourees. Meanwhile, a caricaturist made personal prints, as a lasting memory of this special evening.

“It is wonderful that this attention is for the jubilarists”, responded a cheerful Wiert Drenth (63), a driver and for forty years working at Van den Bosch. “My father was also a driver, we are in the genes. For me it is the freedom that makes my work so beautiful. Freedom on the road, but also from the company. Your salary is the reward you receive every month, but this evening exceeds that. This is extra, a very nice token of appreciation.”

Marieke van Deurzen (37, customer service) also appreciated the evening. “Van den Bosch feels familiar, especially if you have been working there for 12.5 years. I have fulfilled several functions, I have been able to make nice steps. Van den Bosch is a nice company with many career opportunities. All in all, time has flown by.”

Peter van der Zanden (52) started 25 years ago as a driver, but has been a Country Planner (Liquid Food) for a long time. “Being a driver was very nice, but when I got the chance to start planning, I took it. I see Van den Bosch as a fine employer who appreciates what you do. I do not like being at the forefront at all, but I certainly appreciate an evening like this.”

Pensioner and former driver Bram Koedoot (65) also praised the familial character of the company. “I was seriously ill a while ago. Even in that difficult time, the company was there for me. In the form of understanding, but also in terms of flexibility in my work. I am now officially retiring after 24 years, but in practice I am still active. Just for the fun. I have had such a wonderful time here, full of good memories. Van den Bosch and I are intimately connected with each other.”

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3rd December 2018