Abbey Logistics begins major drumming operation for Cargill Starches and Sweeteners

Abbey Logistics begins major drumming operation for Cargill Starches and Sweeteners

Abbey Logistics and Cargill have partnered up to develop a modern food-grade drumming facility at the latter’s warehouse complex in the North West of England.

Cargill Starches and Sweeteners, a subsidiary of Cargill PLC, looked to the liquid food specialist to provide a solution that streamlined their glucose supply chain while ensuring strict product handling and quality standards.

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Under the current arrangement Abbey Logistics provides bulk road tanker transport of glucose from Cargill’s manufacturing site in Manchester which is then drummed into 205 litre drums at Abbey’s facility in Cheshire. Filled drums are then bound and labelled and loaded into shipping containers for worldwide distribution.

Haf Rahman, Head of Cargill’s Starch and Sweeteners UK supply team said: “After working with Abbey Logistics for many years we were confident in their ability to deliver this project successfully.”

Operating throughout the UK and Europe, Abbey Logistics is the UK’s largest bulk food road tanker company for liquids and powders and has a growing reputation in the plastics and polymers, minerals, animal feed and non-hazardous chemicals sectors.

Abbey Logistics focus primarily on road tanker transport, but provide additional added value services such as warehousing and tank cleaning to support their customers.

John Abbott, Abbey Logistics Warehouse Manager said: “We are able to manage all transport, packaging and labelling, significantly reducing road mileage and the costs associated with subcontracting the filling operation.

“We now manage every aspect of the supply chain, from point of manufacture to point of loading the drums for onward distribution which enables us to control the strict standards of hygiene required for transporting food grade products.”

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12th March 2018