Argus Mediterranean

Argus Mediterranean Storage and Logistics

Argus Mediterranean Storage and Logistics conference is your opportunity to join international experts to discuss the movement, shipping and processing of crude and oil products.

Your top three reasons to attend Mediterranean Storage and Logistics 2018:

1. Leading industry thinkers answer your most pressing questions. Past speakers have included: EO, Saras Trading, Managing Director, Vopak Terminals, Vice-President, CLH, Director, INA, Investment Officer, IFC, Trading Manager, OMV.

2. New projects bring you new opportunities. Day 2 discussions will hinge on port and facility expansions as we explore game changing developments of infrastructure. Hear about the successes in Malta, an update on Tangier, the outlook of port expansions and much more.

3. Network with the full supply chain. You can join the complimentary site visit hosted by the Port of Tarragona; witness on the ground functions and gain hard-to-find data. Live polling and extended networking breaks are there to bring the audience together for revealing discussions.

To learn more about Argus Mediterranean Storage and Logistics, visit:

Date: 18-19 June 2018
Venue: Barcelona, Spain