BNSF Logistics selects Blume Global to power its digital supply chain platform

BNSF Logistics selects Blume Global to power its digital supply chain platform

BNSF Logistics has selected Blume Global as its digital supply chain platform. Blume Global is a high growth company with a 24-year history of delivering innovation in the global supply chain ecosystem. Its digital supply chain solutions will assist BNSF Logistics in optimising the intermodal transport services it offers to customers worldwide.

Blume’s powerful technology, together with its strong, globally connected network will act as a catalyst in BNSF Logistics’ digital transformation and global expansion. Blume solutions’ capabilities for asset management, logistics execution, real-time visibility and financial settlement will empower BNSF Logistics to focus on growth and customer satisfaction by optimising operations and identifying new efficiencies.

Specifically, Blume Global will tightly integrate BNSF Logistics’ distributed supply chain – collecting and analysing data to optimise every touchpoint between BNSF Logistics, its logistics providers and its customers. This data-driven approach will include powerful end-to-end global visibility for cargo and containers around the world, across every mode and provider, down to the last mile.

BNSF Logistics also will use Blume’s supply chain finance solutions, Blume Finance, to streamline the entire freight audit and pay process across its network of suppliers. Additionally, BNSF Logistics will be able to extend Blume’s vast global network of over 4,200 motor carriers to its customers.

“Blume Global is a critical digital supply chain platform that will allow us to deliver an exceptional logistics experience to our customers while driving aggressive global expansion goals,” said Dan Curtis, President, BNSF Logistics. “For our customers, Blume’s capabilities enhance our ability to manage our customers’ complex supply chains. This addition will help take us to the next level, arming us with critical real-time information and powerful, data-driven capabilities to measure and optimise our entire process while maximising efficiency, as well as leveraging Blume’s comprehensive network of motor carriers.”

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17th December 2018