Chuck Baker chosen to lead ASLRRA

Chuck Baker chosen to lead ASLRRA

The American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association’s (ASLRRA) Chair, Judy Petry, President and General Manager of Farmrail System, Inc., announced the ASLRRA Board’s appointment of Charles “Chuck” Baker as the Association’s new President. Chuck will begin his tenure on February 4, 2019.

“Mr. Baker brings a wealth of talent and rail industry experience to the position,” said Judy. “As the lead partner on government affairs efforts for the ASLRRA while at the rail lobbying and association management firm of Chambers, Conlon & Hartwell, including on our key priority, permanence of the Short Line 45G Tax Credit, he has showcased his keen understanding of the needs of our industry. In addition, he has led multiple industry associations and high performing teams.  Finally, Mr. Baker has the respect of our members and practiced knowledge of how work in Washington is accomplished via legislative and regulatory channels.”

Prior to accepting the position at ASLRRA, Chuck was a partner at Chambers, Conlon & Hartwell (CC&H) where, in addition to the ASLRRA, he represented clients such as the National Railroad Construction & Maintenance Association (NRC), the OneRail Coalition, the American Railway Development Association (ARDA), Canadian National Railway, Norfolk Southern Railway, and McHugh Construction.

During his tenure at CC&H, Chuck served as the President of the NRC, responsible for the core financial, operational, and legal programs, including its federal legislative and regulatory program. For One Rail, Chuck coordinated activities and messaging, and its interface with Congress and the Administration.

“America is blessed with the world’s premier freight rail system and I look forward to doing our part at the ASLRRA to ensure the industry is prepared to meet tomorrow’s challenges,” said Chuck Baker. “Along with the ASLRRA board, staff and most importantly the members themselves, I’m eager to tell the short line story including the significant safety, infrastructure investment, congestion reduction, environmental improvement, and economic development benefits we provide throughout the country.”  

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28th January 2019