Consolidated Fabrication Profile

 Consolidated is one of the most sought after Mechanical Contractors in Multi-Craft Industrial Maintenance. We specialize in delivering Creative Solutions and Service Excellence to Petrochemical, Liquid Petroleum Gas and Power Utilities, Chemical Companies, Pipeline and Steel Industries, Food Services and Bulk Storage Facilities.

With strategically placed regional offices throughout the United States, Consolidated is equipped to handle projects of all sizes and complexities with Turnkey Efficiencies. Our primary focus is on maintaining Regulatory Safety Standards with On-Time Delivery—WITHIN BUDGET! From Above Ground Storage Tanks, Repair and New Construction to Process Piping, Heat Exchangers and Pressure Vessels, Consolidated sets the industry benchmark for Quality and Reliability.

Founded in 1985 by Ron Spork, Consolidated Fabrication and Constructors, Inc. utilises the most advanced technologies available to provide creative solutions for Refineries, Pipeline Terminals, Power Utilities, Steel Mills and Chemical Manufactures. What started out with just a few guys and a couple of pickup trucks rapidly grew into a thriving Mechanical Contracting Service for the nation’s leading Industrial Companies. Today, Consolidated Fabrication & Constructors, Inc. has clients in 47 states and facilities Indiana, Delaware, Oklahoma and Houston.

As a leader in Multi-Craft Industrial Maintenance, Consolidated puts the utmost value on Safety, Environmental Integrity and its People. With some of the most innovative technologies on the market, Consolidated makes it a point to stay ahead of the game. Jobs that used to take two men an entire day to perform now take about 20 minutes by employing the use of Automatic Vertical Welders to weld thick tank shells. CNC Plasma Burning Tables provide economic solutions for cutting any programmable shapes, using as little plate as possible. Professional Engineers can also conveniently produce all the company’s designs in-house—a technology many competitors today lack. Since so many of our customers view Consolidated as a Go-To Contractor, knowing which suppliers to work with is critical in providing the best prices and services.

Of course, what would a Company be without great people behind its name? At Consolidated, our Employees are our greatest asset. A typical career path at Consolidated includes possessing a College Degree (or strong background) in Construction, Engineering or a related field, working in various disciplines and mentoring programs for a number of months or years and then eventually moving into Project Management. From start to finish, Consolidated trains its employees to become experts in their field over the course of what is most likely their entire professional life. Having an Open Shop with no Union Affiliates allows for an ideally static workforce, further boosting the Quality, Safety and output of operations.

As a service corporation, Consolidated is a huge part of the process in fine-tuning operations to ensure that the country’s leading industries continues to run smoothly, from Concept to Completion. In those efforts, Consolidated has become one of the most trusted partners in its field and will continue to expand its operational expertise in the years to come.

Main Corporate Address: 3851 Ellsworth Street, Gary, IN 46408
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