Construction of Sweden’s new freight port reaches halfway milestone

Construction of Sweden’s new freight port reaches halfway milestone

The Stockholm Norvik Port will open in 2020. The halfway stage has been reached and there is an incredible amount of activity at the construction site, where buildings, bridges and quays are emerging, while the route for the railway track is simultaneously being prepared.

Buildings, quays and bridges over the future railway are emerging simultaneously. Gigantic supporting casement walls that have been cast on-site are being moved into place on the sea bed with millimetre precision using enormous floating structures. Both manpower and machinery pieces from the northern Pajala mine are on hand to take care of the rock material and prepare the way for the railway track.

There are now around 350 people on-site and more than 500,000 hours have been invested in the construction.

“I am extremely proud of my organisation and of all of the contractors on-site. There is a wealth of collective knowledge, both with regard to expertise within specialist areas and of port construction in general. Building ports is something that we at Ports of Stockholm have become very good at through several major projects,” states Magnus Sjöberg, Ports of Stockholm Project Manager.

14th May 2018


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