Degassing of benzene prohibited in Amsterdam

Degassing of benzene prohibited in Amsterdam

In the Dutch provinces of Noord-Holland and Utrecht, degassing of benzene and benzene-containing cargoes by ships while underway, has been banned.

The alternatives for degassing include: Dedicated transport, a method in which the ship is loaded with the same kind of cargo, eliminating the need for degassing: Compatible transport, if a ship’s new cargo is compatible with its previous cargo it means the residual cargo vapours of the previous cargo do not affect the new cargo. This also eliminates the need for degassing, and degassing by means of a degassing installation which processes the vapours in a responsible way.

P - Degassing Prohibited

A transitional phase is in progress until a degassing facility at the Port of Amsterdam has become operational. This means during this period, customers will be properly informed and no penalties will be imposed. However, once the degassing facility has become operational, penalties will be applicable.

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13th March 2017