Den Hartogh introduces chemical transport training at Dow Terneuzen

Den Hartogh introduces chemical transport training at Dow Terneuzen

Chemical Transport and Safety Awareness training supports education goals of Dow.

Recently, Den Hartogh organised a two day training programme at Dow’s premises in Terneuzen, the Netherlands, for over 140 of their employees. Den Hartogh has a long history with Dow Chemical Company and provides transport services and on-site logistics services at their global plants for many years.

Dow Terneuzen is a subsidiary of the Dow Chemical Company and their second largest production facility in the world. With 17 plants, 3,200 employees and still growing, Dow focuses on continuous education of its staff and stimulates them to build a knowledge base that is wider than just the scope of their jobs.

Den Hartogh offers trainings to its customers to provide insight in the basics of chemical transports and the steps a driver needs to take before (un)loading. The Den Hartogh team works closely together with Dow’s Operations Team in Terneuzen. Dow had highlighted a gap in their teams’ practical knowledge about chemical transports and we offered our help. Dow responded positively and made the training available to colleagues engaged in planning, logistics, customer service, quality and improvement.

The Den Hartogh Chemical Transport and Safety Awareness training, consists of a theoretical and a practical part. Topics include: behaviour based safety for (un)loading, couplings and hoses, checks before and after (un)loading, ADR requirements, differences between top and ground operated tanks etc.

Over the two days, groups of 10-15 people per session, actively participated and posed many questions to the Den Hartogh trainers that hosted the days. They enthusiastically tried out what’s involved in connecting a hose and were interested to learn about the process a driver needs to go through before a chemical transport can start.

Olaia Vieitez Rodriguez, Road and Intermodal Operations Leader at Dow Logistics, commented: “It was an amazing training were I learned what the driver faces when they arrive to customer among others. It helped me understand what are the struggles they need to go through when my customer asks certain questions. I wouldn’t mind to do it again!”

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26th November 2018