Eurotainer adds specialised tank containers to fleet, which can handle goods up to 220 centigrade

Eurotainer adds specialised tank containers to fleet, which can handle goods up to 220 centigrade

The new additions to the Eurotainer fleet are specialised tank containers capable of maintaining products with a maximum temperature of 220 degrees C.

Eurotainer said: “These innovative containers are stainless steel construction, 24,000 litre capacity tanks built with several components that have delivered the ability to maintain this high heat.”

It added: “They include an electric heat traced system for the barrel and bottom valve, 100 mm of multi-layer insulation and 8 to 10 mm of GRP cladding. The GRP cladding is a distinctive black colour to match the loaded product colour.”

Additional components include full coverage walkways, ladders on both ends of the tank, high-capacity digital thermometer, and a thermowell to measure the product temperature in the middle of the tank, top valve and siphon tube and collapsible handrails.

These custom designed and built tank containers are fitted with Trans Heat SMHI cables for electrical heating to maintain temperatures between 180 and 220 C, as requested by a client of Eurotainer.

These low power density on cables (35W/m) have a significant advantage, in that the heat is very well distributed on the surface, preventing overheating of the product. These containers will be used in road and rail transport in far northern Europe where extremely cold temperatures are common.

Eurotainer said: “Eurotainer worked with our client, tank manufacturing partner and an experienced heating system provider to design, engineer and build a tank container to meet the extreme requirements of the product to be transported and the environment in which it will operate. The product stored in the tank will be utilised in the production of aluminium and transform the storage and transport of raw materials for aluminium manufacturing.”

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15th March 2021