Exolum’s diversification plans will help it become ‘a significant player in new energy vectors’

Exolum’s diversification plans will help it become ‘a significant player in new energy vectors’

Exolum’s CEO, Jorge Lanza, has explained the evolution of the business and the new challenges faced by the company in the current energy transition scenario.

He said the company is currently undergoing an “important evolution process” in order to adapt to the new environment and its own internal transformation.

In line with this, alongside its traditional offering, Exolum is implementing RDI projects relating to the development of alternative energies, which Lanza said will allow the company to position itself in new sectors.

In the aviation sector, the company will continue to promote its provision of specialised aviation fuel logistics services, while also focusing on the development of sustainable fuels.

Additionally, as part of the diversification process, Exolum said it will develop comprehensive logistics solutions with “service quality, supply security, efficiency and competitiveness” as its key pillars.

In the hydrogen sector, the company has submitted a portfolio of renewable hydrogen-based projects to the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge and the Ministry of Industry. These have associated investments of over 500 million euros and include projects on the Iberian Peninsula, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands.

One of its most ambitious projects is the development of hydrogen corridors to cover the whole Iberian Peninsula. The company said it is also developing alliances throughout the hydrogen value chain to enable the development of new technologies.

Elsewhere, the company is planning to build a waste recycling plant in the port of Algeciras, which will make it possible to transform wastewater into fuel for ships.

Exolum is also focusing on the promotion, marketing and distribution of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and has developed the AVIKOR platform, which offers both individuals and companies flying from Spain the chance to do so more sustainably, by enabling them to reduce the emissions from their flights through the use of SAF.

To support all this diversification, Exolum now has a dedicated division, “to promote innovation and entrepreneurship within the company” – Exolum Ventures.

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27th April 2021