IHI E&C International Corporation Profile

For more than five decades, IHI has built a reputation for providing innovative solutions to the global liquid terminal and cryogenic storage tank industries. IHI has constructed hundreds of cryogenic and other low-temperature tanks for storage of products such as LNG, ethane, LPG, ethylene and many others.  Over the years, IHI has pioneered original designs and construction methods that yield both cost and schedule savings for its customers. This experience and methodology, coupled with the access to world-class fabrication facilities for critical tank components, makes IHI the ideal partner for all tank-related needs.

IHI’s global team of specialists, located in Houston, Tokyo and Madrid, possess expertise in the following areas:

  • Single, double and full containment configurations (including concrete-on-steel and steel-on-steel designs)
  • Spheres
  • Innovative membrane tank systems
  • Above-ground, in-ground and underground tanks
  • Seismic design
  • Leak detection and containment systems
  • Top works (including platforms and in-tank pumps)

Beyond its full-service tank offering, IHI also has expertise in the design and construction of all aspects of associated export and import liquid terminals, from pretreatment to offloading.

IHI E&C, a wholly-owned subsidiary of IHI Corporation, now brings the IHI reputation and experience to the Americas. IHI E&C offers customers a full suite of terminal and tank-related services, including front-end development, EPC (engineering, procurement and construction), commissioning and start-up. IHI E&C also provides EPC services for a variety of processing facilities in the midstream and downstream industries.

Visit www.ihi-ec.com to learn more about how IHI E&C can help you realize your project goals.