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Instant and Reliable Data at your Fingertips with Wireless Mesh Level Gauging.

Collecting data from remote tanks has long been expensive and time consuming. Traditionally, tank operators were tasked with manually reading and recording tank data making it a complicated and time consuming process. With the L&J engineering wireless adapter and wireless mesh communication the inconveniences of manual recording are all but gone. Have our qualified experts discuss what wireless mesh networking package will work best for you and your facility.

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What is Wireless Mesh Level Gauging?
Tanks inter-connect and share data that is then transmitted to a gateway which feeds to the facility control room. Data that would take hours to get can be available quickly in a self building and sustaining mesh network.

How Does Wireless Mesh Level Gauging Work?
An L&J engineering Wireless Adapter would be mounted to the top of each tank which would communicate to the adapter mounted on neighboring tanks. This creates a mesh that will eventually connect to a gateway featuring WirelessHART communication protocol.

Advantages of Wireless Mesh Level Gauging
The principle advantage of mesh networks is their resilience. The network does not have a single point of failure giving a network greater reliability. The mesh design also does not require line of sight. If an adapter cannot be seen by the gateway, other adapters will find a path to communicate with the unseen adapter.

Benefits of Wireless Mesh Level Gauging

  • No line of sight required
  • Increased reliability with self-healing network
  • Eliminates the high cost of wire communications
  • Saves time and keeps labor costs down

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