MHT Technology to launch new solution

MHT Technology to launch new solution

UK-based Engineered Solutions provider, MHT Technology Ltd, is to launch a new solution this Spring which utilises the latest mobile technology to improve operational safety, quality and efficiency by digitising paper-based operational procedures.

Product Manager, Jude Brown said: “The solution was originally designed for sites which have manual loading processes to reduce the likelihood of inadvertent loading of vehicles with the incorrect product. It ensures the correct product is dispatched to the correct customer and helps reduce costs and protect a company’s reputation by avoiding costly mistakes.”

“The solution brings readily available technologies together into a simple solution. The solution comprises a smartphone App, web server and one or more physical controllers suitable for hazardous areas. Customers can present checks to the operator via an App on the handheld device.”

“The operator scans a QR code then goes through the checks one by one. Examples include checking they are at the right location by scanning a QR code on signage, confirming the product, customer and tank and checking they have connected the right arm by scanning a RFiD tag attached to the physical equipment. Work Instructions such as connecting the grounding can also be included.”  

“The final fail-safe is an optional physical Controller which either grants or denies the final permissive. This enables a pump to be started or valve to be opened. If the checks have not been completed correctly, the pump cannot be started.”

The solution can be used for a multitude of different processes including pipeline inspections, route line-ups, equipment checks and manual tank dips.

Jude Brown commented: “we are looking forward to launching the solution this Spring and look forward to demonstrating how it can continue to keep our customers’ operations safe.”

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1st March 2019