NACE International 2019 Pipeline Coatings Technology Conference

NACE International 2019 Pipeline Coatings Technology Conference

Building on the success of the NACE International 2017 Pipeline Coatings Technology Conference in the U.S., NACE brings this event to the Middle East, where oil & gas professionals address coatings challenges on pipelines unique to the region and environment. This conference is ideal for oil & gas and pipeline companies that operate in the Middle East and the coating contractors that help protect their assets.

Middle Eastern countries have large oil & gas and petrochemical facilities with complex and extensive pipeline systems. In high temperature environments, pipelines can suffer premature failures if they are not properly protected from corrosion. It is crucial to apply corrosion-resistant coatings in a reliable manner to promote quality in pipelines.

  • Onshore Pipeline Coatings
  • Field Joint Coatings
  • Mainline and Field Joint Coating Failures and Solutions
  • Liquid Rehabilitation Pipeline Coatings
  • High Temperature and LAT FBE Pipeline Coatings
  • Offshore Pipeline Coatings
  • Pipeline internal Coatings
  • HDD Pipeline Coatings
  • Pipeline Coating Repair Solutions
  • Quality Control & Inspection of Pipeline Coatings
  • Advancement in Pipe Coating Application Technology

Make valuable connections with fellow attendees, including coating gurus, coating contractors, coating manufacturers and applicators, and pipeline owners and operators from many international countries.

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Location: Dusit Thani Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
January 15-17 2019