New benchmarking tool from TankTerminals and PJK International

New benchmarking tool from TankTerminals and PJK International

TankTerminals and PJK International have launched a new market analysis tool that will offer insights on a terminal’s position in the competitive landscape and will give a better understanding of the tank storage market.

Terminal Infrastructure Benchmarks is aimed at three audiences. For tank storage terminals is will assist them to learn how they are positioned in the competitive landscape. For investor and consultants is will assist in informing how different terminals compete against each other and for equipment suppliers it will help them have a better understanding of their customers’ needs.

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To introduce the tool TankTerminals and PJK International are running a free webinar called: Smart Business Decisions, Powered by Data, on February 7th, 2018.

Terminal Infrastructure Benchmarks will be exclusively available on the new TankTerminal platform and will provide a competitive perception when analysing and comparing terminal assets.

The benchmarking function will allow users to compare multiple terminals with each other from a selected search result. Benchmarking comparison will be possible on: tank capacity, number of tanks, tank size, type of product, number of berths, drafts and much more.

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7th Dec 2017

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