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Port of Tarragona

Chemical storage & distribution Hub in the Mediterranean

The Port of Tarragona is located in one of the most important industrial areas in the Mediterranean and continues to be one of the most important and leading Ports in Spain with more than 34 million tons handled in 2017. To become a more secure, sustainable and involved Port for chemical and petrochemical products we strives to improve our installations and services each and every day. We already finalized the extension of our chemical wharf from 18 to 36 hectares, allowing the Port to welcome large cargos thanks to a total berthing line of 1,600 meters with a water depth of 15,1 meters.

Last year, the Port of Tarragona has handled more than 22 million tons of liquid bulk as consequence of the excellent location and accessibility from the area to the inner European markets. With an increase of more than 8%, we are the fourth Port of Spain regarding liquid bulk. Our total storage capacity is around 800.000 cubic meters distributed through 146 tanks, property of our three independent storage terminals (Euroenergo, TEPSA, Vopak Terquimsa) who propose a large range of services.

ChemMed, the Chemical Cluster of the Mediterranean

The particularity of Tarragona is its Chemical cluster, the Spain’s most important Petrochemical complex with a large concentration of manufacturing and processing which represents 25% of Spanish industry and accounts for 50% of the plastics produced in the country.

The chemical sector and the Port of Tarragona have decided to work together creating few years ago the most important chemical cluster in the south of Europe with a key location into the Mediterranean region. The north and south industrial poles are both linked to the Port via road and pipeline. ChemMed is an industrial, logistical, academic and scientific chemical cluster. Our aim is to develop and enhance the appeal and competiveness of Tarragona for industry, research and logistics in the chemical plant sector.

For further information about the Cluster, the Port or our independent storage terminals do not hesitate to contact us! We will be pleased to meet you during forthcoming sectorial events or during the next edition of the HUB DAY organized by the Port in November.

Contact information

Port de Tarragona, Passeig de l’Escullera, s/n, 43004 Tarragona – SPAIN
Phone : +34 977 25 94 00 | Fax : +34 977 22 54 99
liquidbulk@porttarragona.cat | www.porttarragona.cat