RECOPE begins construction of storage tank at Liberia airport

RECOPE begins construction of storage tank at Liberia airport

In view of the growing demand for aviation fuels reported at the Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia, a third storage tank is being built on the RECOPE campus.

RECOPE has been supplying aviation fuel for 25 years and currently it sells an average of 200,000 litres of Jet A-1 per day, and on weekends, sales can reach more than 350,000 litres per day, especially during the peak season tourism.

The company responsible for building the new tank is the Consortium Tecnitanques-Cónico (the first of Colombian origin, the second Costa Rican) and the cost of the work is $2.3m. The work is expected to be completed by mid-2019.

The scope of the project consists of the construction of a tank with capacity to store 5,000 barrels of Jet A-1 (800 cbm), with connections to tank loading systems, refuelling and transfer between tanks, as well as a fire protection system of both cooling water and foam. It complies with all the design standards established by RECOPE.

The new tank will have dimensions similar to the two existing tanks, which were built as part of the campus, in 2013, and will comply with the normed separations with respect to the existing facilities that surround them, with a maximum use of the dike area.

Currently, the RECOPE campus in this air terminal has two storage tanks Jet A-1 of 795 cbm (5,000 barrels) each (T901 and T902).

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6th March 2019