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… is a machine-to-machine (M2M) solution provider specializing in telematics and fleet management. We develop and market our own hardware and software.

SAVVY Telematic Systems AG, headquartered in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, is an M2M technology service provider specialised in telematics based business intelligence. SAVVY combines hardware, software and process consulting expertise to provide comprehensive services for industrial and logistics companies. The aim is to increase added value in these companies through efficient work and logistics processes.

Telematics and Business Intelligence

SAVVY links telematic system solutions for use in vehicles and machines with highly developed business intelligence technologies as well as customised communication services. The range of services also includes far-reaching process consulting and intelligent process design for all telematics based business processes.

Strong background

SAVVY joined the SDAX-listed INDUS Holding AG Group in May 2014 when IPETRONIK GmbH & Co. KG, a worldwide leader in mobile measurement technology, DAQ software, engineering services and test bench technology for the automotive industry and a member of the SDAX-listed INDUS Holding AG Group, acquired a majority interest in SAVVY

Competitive advantages
One source solution with a full range of services – consulting, hardware, portal, communication and services – adds value for our customers.

SAVVY® Synergy Enterprise platform
The SAVVY® Synergy Enterprise platform makes it possible to monitor, evaluate and control complex logistics processes with one application – independent of telematics device manufacturer. To do so, SAVVY® links relevant telematic systems data with business IT data and processes in a concise form on dashboards. Chat and message functions as well as an integrated task manager connect all of those involved in the process and help organise business processes by providing current information. Tasks, status updates and important documents can be shared with team members and partners. The user-friendly design, adjustable dashboards and highly developed business analytics functions make it easier to deal with operational tasks and make strategic decisions. SAVVY’s new platform facilitates increased transparency and speed in critical logistics processes, minimises risks and in turn increases productivity.

SAVVY® Synergy Enterprise combines all of the functions and services necessary to manage logistics processes across the board in a business management application. In addition to autonomous monitoring of defined processes, providing reports and conducting dynamic analyses, there are also for example social media and contract management functions. In order to meet high compliance and safety standards in an enterprise environment, SAVVY® offers comprehensive protocolling, end-to-end data transfer encryption and high availability hosting for cloud solutions.

In addition to safety and usability, SAVVY® attaches great importance to developing flexible and scalable products. “Although requirements are generally the same, logistics workflow and process design differ from company to company”, explains Paul Kaeser, CEO of SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG. “SAVVY® Synergy Enterprise Platform’s business logic can be easily adjusted to meet individual needs. The same is true for our solution’s integration potential. SAVVY® Synergy Enterprise can be linked via web services and interface modules to a wide range of systems.” | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn Google+

Webergasse 48, 8200 Schaffhausen, Switzerland

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