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Seaco is one of the world’s leading tank leasing companies, with a modern fleet of 43,000 units ranging from T11 to T50 and capacities from 12,000 – 35,000 litres. Approximately, 75% of Seaco’s fleet of tanks is T11, with a variety of capacities up to 26,000 litres and options including uninsulated, super-insulated and electrically heated tank containers. T14, T20, T22 and T50 tank containers are also available, together with lined tanks for high-end corrosion resistance.

Our fleet of tanks (Standard, Swapbody, Specialist and Gas) are built to a high standard and quality. The focus of manufacturing development on lighter tank containers, stronger frames and the possible use of higher cost duplex steel.

Seaco ensure our team of inspectors visit tank manufacturers to check the quality of raw materials and the final build-quality.

Seaco is a truly global container lessor with 25 offices worldwide, serving a wide range of global and regional shipping lines as well as tank and petrochemical producers, oil and gas players and those operating in the mining sectors.

Seaco range of services include:

  • Custom Design
  • Flexible Leases
  • Direct Sales
  • Tank test authorisation & certification support online

Seaco is an HNA company. HNA Group is now a Fortune Global 500 company and one of the largest non-government owned companies in China with approximately $30 billion in annual revenue and $92 billion in assets (as of YE 2015), providing a full spectrum of services in 8 major business sectors.

About HNA Group: