Suretank Brazil launches new offshore tank for Petrobras

Suretank Brazil launches new offshore tank for Petrobras

Suretank Latin America has designed a new 5000 litre portable offshore tank for Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. (Petrobras) which will meet all of the regulations required from all international oil companies (IOCs) operating in Brazil.

Customised to Brazilian operational requirements the TK5000BR is the first tank of its kind to guarantee a nominal capacity of 5000 litres (with an actual tank volume of 5310 litres maximum).

Marco Pfeifer, Suretank Latin America Chief Executive Officer, explained: “This is a very significant development for the offshore industry. The issue of maximum filling compliance not allowing nominal capacity guarantee is not exclusive to Brazil, and can result in either a loss in volume (where ERP systems are configured for nominal batch entry) or a loss in compliance to safety standards.”

The guaranteed nominal capacity of the TK5000BR means it is also suitable for expansible products in accordance with the IMDG code for the safe transportation or shipment of dangerous goods or hazardous materials by water on vessel. Importantly, it comes with a lower initial cost, longer lifetime guarantee, reduced operational costs and additional safety improvements, the company stated.

The 5000 litre T7 classified tank is designed specifically to local trailer requirements and regulations the tank delivers up to 25% in freight savings. “Environmentally efficient, the tank allows complete discharge with no product loss and therefore minimal disposal requirements and costs,” said Suretank.

Its AISI 316L barrel, combined with hot dip galvanised split-bolted frame (an innovative and cost-efficient approach), guarantees extended lifetime, low maintenance and refurbishment costs for a 10 years plus lifetime.

Marco continued: ” We work closely with our clients to develop solutions that suit their specific requirements, using expertise from across the Suretank Group. Designed and part-built in Suretank Ireland, the tanks were then shipped to our facility in Brazil for final assemble and delivery.  The success of the project was down to a team approach between Suretank’s engineering and manufacturing teams and Petrobras’s local expertise and need to operate offshore chemicals with further IOC´s certification standards.”

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11th June 2018

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