Tanknology to host International Summit

Tanknology to host International Summit

Tanknology Inc., the world’s largest integrated tank testing and compliance company, will host the first International Licensee Summit February 18-20, 2019 in Barcelona, Spain.

More than twenty licensee representatives as well as key clients, international press outlets and industry representatives will attend the three day event. The Summit will include presentations on new service lines and current Tanknology research and development, discussions on transitioning the industry from reactive to preventative maintenance and opportunities in new markets, workshops on field forms, reports, and marketing programs, and more.

The unique event speaks to the nature of Tanknology’s Licensing program – a partnership that consists of a close commercial and technical alliance. The event seeks to strengthen these partnerships and build relationships between licensees, address industry challenges, and drive innovation on technologies focused toward the global market.

Tanknology has been operating internationally for 28 years, offering tank testing, visual inspections, and more.

For more information visit www.tanknology.com

28th January 2019