Tanks and Terminals 2020

Tanks and Terminals 2020

The surge of new terminals being built alongside the aging ones in the region has produced stiff competitions within the oil and gas industry. This results in terminal operators facing intense pressure in optimising their storage tanks operational efficiency. They are urged to look for efficient ways to prolong storage tank’s life span with a range of maintenance strategies, inspection methods, and corrosion protection. At the same time, the terminal owners are grasping to find new technologies to maximise the storage capacity at their terminal. Are you ensuring that safety, compliance and inspection are carried out according to the best standards?

This conference is designed to cover critical issues surrounding the tanks and terminals management. The aim of this conference is set to comprehend the changes facing the tanks and terminals industry and adapt these changes into daily processes to speed up tank storage operational efficiency and safety. Being one of our big annual events, this year the event will focus on:

·         Tackling the IMO 2020 Sulphur Cap
·         Combating Pipeline Corrosion
·         Digital Port
·         Determining the Accurate Cybersecurity Framework
·         Replacement of Ageing Tanks
·         Applying Automated Tank Cleaning Systems

Be part of our half-day workshop with a highly sought-after topic on Storage Tank Design, Operation, Maintenance & Safety to Ensure Control of Hydrocarbon Vapor Emissions

Location: Dubai, UAE
Date: Postponed

Website: www.marcusevans-conferences-middleeastern.com