THIELMANN launches new corporate video

THIELMANN launches new corporate video

THIELMANN has announced it has launched its new company video, shining a light on its range of THIELMANN container solutions and how they touch the everyday lives of consumers around the world. “From driving a car to taking your daily vitamins to drinking a beer, THIELMANN solutions form a part of the everyday lives of millions of people,” the company stated.

“THIELMANN is a company that has been built on expertise and knowledge that comes with serving the industry for more than 275 years. Therefore, this video reflects our dedication in helping our customers reach their consumers in the best possible way, by producing and sending their high-quality products out into the world in market-leading stainless steel solutions. Whether it’s Kegs, Intermediate Bulk Containers, Pressure Vessels, Tank Container Solutions, Container Systems or Storage Containers – you can rely on THIELMANN as your trusted container partner.”

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14th January 2019

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