Thunder Creek Equipment introduces DEF Saddle Tank for tank truck chassis

Thunder Creek Equipment introduces DEF Saddle Tank for tank truck chassis

Thunder Creek Equipment has introduced the all-new DEF Saddle Tank – an industrial-grade, ISO-compliant portable DEF system designed to be mounted to the frame rails of a tank truck chassis.

Available in 60 and 120-gallon capacities, the stainless steel DEF tank features a lockable, weather-sealed enclosure, a 12V sending unit with gauge, a locking fill cap and a skid base for mounting to the frame rails of a truck.

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Thunder Creek Equipment’s National Sales Manager and Owner, Luke Van Wyk said: “As DEF use and consumption continues to expand rapidly, many fleet managers and maintenance professionals are looking for ways to integrate proper DEF handling into their current workflow. This new saddle tank provides a simple portable DEF handling solution that can be easily installed onto the frame rails of a truck chassis, allowing business owners to get clean DEF to wherever they need it.”

The ISO 22241-compliant closed DEF system also features a lockable pump enclosure with an 8 GPM industrial-grade 12V DEF pump and a 20-foot ¾-inch DEF hose with automatic shut-off nozzle. A 25-foot DEF hose reel is standard. The units also feature an interchangeable auto-trip nozzle and Micro-Matic RSV (Reusable Stainless Valve) fill coupler.

Available options include a digital DEF meter and swivel. The tanks can also be customised for northern climates with an optional Glycol DEF tank heater, a 120V DEF tank heater and a 120V pump enclosure heating blanket.

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13th March 2017

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