Van den Bosch starts talent development programme

Van den Bosch starts talent development programme

This month Van den Bosch Transporten starts with an intensive talent development programme. The training programme, in which twelve employees will participate, will last for more than seven months and consists of several modules in which various themes are covered: from data management to communication and finance.

“With this broad development programme, we are responding to the growing demand from employees for personal development,” said Michiel van Kessel, Director of Staff Services at Van den Bosch Transporten. “The participants in the program have signed themselves up. They have already met one of the criteria, namely the ambition to further develop their talents. If employees register themselves, you can be sure that they really want to develop. Moreover, it prevents you from skipping people in the selection.”

The programme focuses on four dimensions. The first is about the employee themselves, in which self-reflection and discovering one’s own talents form the most important components. The second dimension is about cooperation within the group and is mainly focused on communication skills. The third dimension is professional knowledge. This is filled in with modules on data management and operational excellence. Finally, the organisation itself also plays a major role, with attention for the strategy of Van den Bosch Transporten and the standards and values. “This combination results in broadly trained talents with specific Van den Bosch knowledge,” said Michiel.

The interest in the programme was particularly great. Michael said: “In the final selection, we were guided in particular by the question whether this program is a tool for the employee to realise his or her ambitions and development needs. If an alternative, such as ‘training on the job’ or an external education, fits in better, this has been chosen. 

“All in all, a varied group of twelve participants has arisen, with ages of 20 to 50 years and diverse employment. That variation can also clearly be seen in the programme: in addition to classroom modules and the use of training actors, the start is immediately strong with an outdoor programme of two days.”

With the investment in this program, Van den Bosch underlines the importance of developing employees. Learning & Development will remain an important theme in the coming years. Preparations for future in-company programmes have now started.

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17th December 2018