Vopak LNG terminal in Estonia

Vopak LNG terminal in Estonia

Vopak E.O.S. is planning to construct a 4,000 cubic metres of LNG storage terminal at Muuga harbour, near Tallinn in Estonia.

In a statement to the BNS news agency a company representative said the project should be completed in a year.

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The company is moving forward with the plans following its initial announcement in 2012. The project is expected to cost €25m.

Vopak E.O.S. is the largest independent oil products terminal operator in the Baltic states. The company operates four terminals with a total storage capacity of 1,051,800 cbm. The terminals are in the ice-free Port of Muuga within the Port of Tallinn on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland.

For more information www.vopakeos.com

7th Aug 2017